Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hong Kong

23rd November 2006
We have now arrived safely in Hong Kong.
The flight was not so bad and I am pleased to report that I managed to sleep for most of the trip so, it went fairly quickly. The one down side was that I had quite a lot of work to do and didn't manage to do it so, I have that to look forward to.
Whilst at London Heathrow I purchased a new camcorder whihc record directly on to a hard drive in the machine. It looks pretty funky and have already used it a little this morning.
The weather is kind of miserable but it is still nice. Back in the hotel room after an early morning stroll as I awoke at 4am. Damn jet lag. I was actually quite lucky as managed to get quite a lot of sleep on the plane. Just went to Starbucks for a coffee and some loopy women asked me if I had 5x$20 bills to swap for her $100. I said sorry I didn’t. anyway, 5 more minutes passed and she called over to Justine, “are you Pamela”….weird women. So, she said she wasn’t then about 10 minutes later, she wanders over again and puts a $100 on the seat next to me (I must go on record as saying that is only about £8). This was just as we were about to leave. Anyway, I stood up, obviously leaving the money, and headed for the door. At which point she quickly picks up the money and kept begging me to take it from here. I made it clear that I didn’t want it and tried to head for the door. She was still grabbing my hands and trying to give me the money. In the end, I said ok, so she went to sit back down, I put the money on a table near her and went for the door again, she dived back up saying words like “please, do me this favour, take the money”. Again I said ok, she sat back down and again, I put the money on a table and left. Very weird. It spooked me a bit as I wondered what she was up to. I was super careful that she stayed away from my pockets etc the whole time. Anyway, I went back to the hotel and had a damn good wash, just in case. I still feel really uncomfortable about the whole thing.

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