Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Updated via my PDA for the first time!
Monday 20th November
I have been very slack with keeping up to date with my injections so, as I write, I am sitting in the Doctors having just had my vaccinations. I am pleased to report that I did not sob like a baby when he put the needle in me. To get here in time, it meant going through Central London at rush hour. A word of warning. Avoid London during rush hour, it is not good. Hopefully at the end of these few days in the UK, I will be in full working order. As we do not have that much confidence in the Greek heath system, we have been saving everything up!
Amendment via computer:
Apparently the transport problems were due to line failures etc. The place is still rubbish! Anyway, after Doctors, Dentists ( I have to go back AGAIN tomorrow!), we decided to pop over to the Tate Gallery as one of my favourite pieces of art is kept there; Summertime by Jackson Pollock. I have obviously seen the picture a million times but all prints or photos etc. The first thing that struck me about the real thing was the size of it. I just looked it up on the internet and apparently it is 848 x 5550 mm. Quite incredible really. In addition to this they had Rothko work and Monet. I don't like to be a synic but, it is a good job that beauty is in the eye of the beholders because a lot of the work in that building is......errrr... a bag of shells :-)
More amusement was provided by Justine; I don't know what it is but 'something' on her keeps setting of the store alarms. Every time the same questions when they see she doesnt have anything with her, "Maybe you have some library books Madam?". I was so hoping she would reply with something sarcastic such as "Ah yes, let me pull them out of my ass" or something. I mean they could see she was empty handed, where exactly was she going to put Library books? Anyway, the Tate Gallery was the latest in a line of stores that thought we were trying to steal from them!
So, as it has gone midnight, later today we fly out to Hong Kong. We are getting a haircut in the Virgin Upper Class Lounge at Heathrow and maybe a massage or something. Hopefully that will relax me a little before the 13 hour flight. As previously mentioned, we have two days there before leaving for another 8 hour flight to Sydney. I will update as soon s I can, until such time..
Keep Safe
Anyway, was well worth the trip even if it meant that we only got 45 minutes there.