Monday, May 28, 2012

Buddha's Birthday Celebration

The 12th/13th May, 2012 was Buddha's Birthday Celebrations at Darling Harbour. As always it was well attended and a good opportunity for Buddhists to get together for a celebration. It also presents a good chance for passers by to experience a little Buddhism and taste some great vegetarian food! For the record, I am not vegetarian, but am of course Buddhist.

Since officially becoming Buddhist (taking the Triple Gem and the Five Precepts), I believe that I have improved myself, and the life of others around me. I could argue that I did it too late but at least I did it.

Of course I had many happy times before that period, but it is sad looking back knowing that I lost that special person, but that is a part of life's journey I guess.

While I was there, I spent some time lying on the grass in the sun looking up at the clouds and the beautiful Sydney skyline. One of the pictures below actually looks a little weird as the clouds make it look a little like 9/11.

Sydney Rangers Supporters Club Harbour Cruise

I recently attended (and help organise) a Sydney Rangers Supporters Club Harbour Cruise. It was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sydney RSC, but also to raise money for Rangers Football Club (or more specifically, the Rangers Fans Fighting Fund) as, for those that don't know, there are serious financial problems at our great club.

We had a great day out and also managed to raise a total of $12,000! I also won one of the main prizes, a signed framed Rangers shirt as seen below!

Inspirational Prince

It's been a long time again, sorry!

So what have I been doing of any note? Well, Prince has occupied a fair amount of my time lately. Anybody that knows me will be aware that I've been a big Prince fan for many years now. I've seen thousands of bands and he still rates in the top few artists, so when I saw that he was coming to Australia, I was suitably excited!

I managed to go to all three of the Sydney shows and as I type this, I am working from my Melbourne office. By complete coincidence (cough cough), Prince is also playing in Melbourne on Wednesday...lucky me!

Purple Rain was an obvious highlight (I had never seen Prince play this live before and he played it at all three shows), although The Most Beautiful Girl In The World was also great as it has special meaning (up there with I Can Feel a Hot One, Stolen, and a few others).

I suspect the Wednesday will be the last chance that I ever get to see Prince as he is 53 now, and only seems to come to Australia once a decade. Who knows, at 63 he could still be a great guitar player, dancer, piano player and all round entertainer!

Prince quote of the day: "How can I get through days when I can't get through hours".

Keep safe.