Monday, September 29, 2008

Great Australian Advertising

It took me 10 minutes to explain what was so funny about this sign, to the shop assistant. She still did not understand the irony of a sign, selling five things for $2, at a price of $10.75.

I asked if I could purchase them separately for $2 each, and she kept repeating "They are $2 each"...not the brightest race, the Australians...

Keep Safe

The Bizarre Sky

Likely, this has not come out as well as intended but the sky had some really eerie colours in last week. The photo was taken with my iPhone so not the best quality but, you get the idea.


I have been moaned at for not putting any pictures of Amy on to my blog so, here are a few...and yes, I know I have not updated this thing for always :(

I will try to do a few updates over the next day or two.