Monday, May 28, 2012

Buddha's Birthday Celebration

The 12th/13th May, 2012 was Buddha's Birthday Celebrations at Darling Harbour. As always it was well attended and a good opportunity for Buddhists to get together for a celebration. It also presents a good chance for passers by to experience a little Buddhism and taste some great vegetarian food! For the record, I am not vegetarian, but am of course Buddhist.

Since officially becoming Buddhist (taking the Triple Gem and the Five Precepts), I believe that I have improved myself, and the life of others around me. I could argue that I did it too late but at least I did it.

Of course I had many happy times before that period, but it is sad looking back knowing that I lost that special person, but that is a part of life's journey I guess.

While I was there, I spent some time lying on the grass in the sun looking up at the clouds and the beautiful Sydney skyline. One of the pictures below actually looks a little weird as the clouds make it look a little like 9/11.

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