Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Holidays - Part 2

I thought that holidays were meant to be relaxing, sitting by the beach...this one has seen me have the flu for 9 days, then lots of snow! Not quite what I had planned when I was thinking about the trip.

We have done a few touristy things; I like to try and visit a few different Hard Rock Cafes, and this trip has meant that I could see Tokyo and then Beijing. I have to say, much to my surprise, Beijing is probably the best one that I have seen. It has just been renovated and has some really cool memorabilia from many of the world's top bands.

I am sure that I will forget some but, so far I have been to the HRC at Tokyo, Beijing, London, Paris, Las Vegas, Nottingham, Athens, Amsterdam, Sydney, Hong Kong...sure there are others but that'll do for now.


Lots has been going on since my last post a month ago. The day after the poker win that I talked about, I had another good win taking first place in a live event at Star City, the casino in Sydney. First place was just over $14, 000 although we did a deal with 5 players remaining.

As I write, I am at Amy's parents house in Beijing. We spent the first week of the holiday in Japan, mainly Tokyo and Kyoto , although we also had a lovely stay at Hakone, a lovely villge underneath Mount Fuji.

I'll do another update when I get back and provide a link to the photos, either on Facebook or my Apple webpage.

Until then, keep safe.