Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Justine and Tena

I am on holiday from 25th November until December 5th. We are flying to the UK on 25th and going to a concert in Nottingham on the 26th. On the Monday I fly over to my parents until the Friday. That will be followed by either a) a trip to Glasgow to watch Rangers or b) a trip to Sunny Stoke to watch QPR. Still undecided. The Saturday night (if I watch QPR) will be a trip to London for the Gutshot Poker Club. I have not been for a long time and will look forward to it if the opportunity arises. After that, a slow trip back on the Sunday, a day in Athens on the Monday (Ikea and the BMW dealership) and home hopefully late Monday evening (although I am off on Tuesday sa well should we wish to stay there for another day).
Anyway, for now, Keep Safe. Posted by Picasa

Simon, Roy and Tena

The last couple of posts have been so miserable, I bet you are really glad you came! Well, we are still having earthquakes but nothing as big as "those two". I am sleeping in my living room which is stupid but, an easier exit if things fall down!
The picture above was taken during the summer on a night out with our very good friends, Roy & Tena. I met Roy in April of this year, jsut before the tourist season started. We were in a local bar (about the only one open) to watch Rangers play the League Cup final against Motherwell (won 5-1 if my memory serves me correctly). We hit it off and had so much in common. He runs one of the tour operators for the Island. In addition to football, it turned out he was a fan of poker. As a consequence we had many home games and a lot of fun as well. He is back in Scotland now before going to Cyprus for the winter season. After that, it may be Zakynthos again or Mexico. Posted by Picasa