Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sydney Medibank Open

We are at the the Sydney Tennis Open at the moment, just watching the Mens Doubles final, before the Mens Single Final starts. We have 2nd row seats, which is good, but they are right in the is very hot.

Monday, January 12, 2009


As I haven't played poker for a while I thought that I would play a live event in Sydney yesterday. I got knocked out of the tournament in 29th place (a string of horrific bad beats - my AA losing to TT, my AA losing to JT and my JJ losing to 66 - all of them all-in preflop).

Anyway. I felt very good about my game so decided to play an online tournament for the first time in ages. It was a $100 to buy in to and I am pleased to say that I won it, winning approx. $7,500 AUD ($5,304 USD).

Just a few hours before my 40th birthday...oh well, every good story has to have a sad ending....40 years

Until next time,
Keep Safe.