Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The World Cup Germany 2006 Trip

Lots of Photos from Germany follow as well as a road trip report at the end.

0/10 for tasteful photography... This was the highlight of my trip. This is a urinal in the airport and to be frank, it rules. You may need to click on the image to see this properly but, to help the boys aim, they print a fly on to the porcelain! That way, subconcioulsy we all want to hit it and, never miss! OK, the wheel was good, sliced bread was good but this is numero uno...

Germany World Cup photos

Inside the Stadium at half time...

Germany 2006 photos

Inside the ground a few hours before kick off...

Germany 2006 photos...

This young Lady appears to have put her make up on but forgot to put her shirt on as well...

Trinidad & Tobago Fan

A Trinidad & Tobago fan, they are great big colourful wings attached to his back! Luckily, we were not sitting behind him...

Germany 2006

As often as I tell myself that I will update this thing more often, the more I forget to do it...
Anyway, I have recently got back from Germany. Good fun appeared to be had by all. I met Tony in Munich and we rented a car to drive down to Nuremburg for England v Trinidad & Tobago. The match was failry poor to be honest (as you all have probably seen) but it was fun. Whilst there, we met up with John (Oscar, left) and Mark (Centre). Tony is on the right.
Nuremburg is actually a very beautiful place which I must be honest, came as a bit of a suprise to me. The hosts were very welcoming and the Poliec seemed to adopt a fairly relaxed approach which led to a trouble free few days. You hear horror stories on the police being heavy handed in these situations but they handled the matter perfectly and the fans seemed to respond accordingly. Unfortunately I hear last night that there was a lot of trouble in Stuttgart which is a great shame. Whilst the trip was good, the journey back was a little stressful. I arrived back in Athens and waited for my plane. I went to check in only to be told that they had over sold the plane and the last five people would not be getting on! I mean theplane only hold maybe 30-40 anyway, it is a small island hopper. To put it mildly I was not impressed. They gave me 250 euros by way of compensation and a free flight the following day, also a hotel. I took the money and said something along the lines of "You jolly nice people can keep your hotel and free plane journey, I like you all very much". Well, something similar anyway..
Anyway, a few phots will be posted shortly from the German trip. Not great quality as they were with my phone.
So, Vegas is now only a couple of weeks away. Im excited about the trip but dreading the journey. As most will know, I am not a huge fan of flying at the best of times but all the way to Vegas again does not fill me full of confidence.
Keep Safe

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Earthquake Aid

Environment Minister Giorgos Souflias said yesterday that residents on the island of Zakynthos whose homes were damaged by recent earthquakes will be able to apply for interest-free government loans. A series of tremors reaching up to 5.9 on the Richter scale shook the Ionian island in the last few months. About 108 homes are considered seriously damaged, while another 548 need repair work.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Visitors a plenty...

Well, I quickly checked my blog and see that it has been nearly a month since I last did an update, time to get my ass in to gear! It has been very hectic so apologies to everyone if I have not responded to your emails yet, I will very soon.
So about four weeks ago, one of Justines friends, Lynsey, came over for a weeks holiday. She stayed with us so it was nice for J. Unfortunately, as she had only just started working at PokerStars (J), it was not practical the request anymore time off (more to come on that) so it was mainly consigned to her days off and evenings. After she went, the following week, he Mother came over for the first time. She also seemed to enjoy herself and I believe is giving consideration to coming out her permanently. I guess the biggest issue is, if someone asks you about the island, whether it is a nice place to live, it is hard for me to be objective as I love the place so much. But, it does rule! The picture on the right is J and her Mum (Sandra) paragliding at Vasilikos. The main reason for her doing it was to celebrate her 50th Birthday so big Congratulation to Sandra!
After she had returned home, there was a few more day and now my parents are also over! As always it is great to see them. Unfortunately the weather has not been great (although a million times better than the UK or France!). We have been to Vasilikos, the Church on the hill (for those who have been before). If you have not, it has the most fantastic views and really is a very special place. They are here for another three days so I may post an update in the coming days.
In two weeks time, it is off to Germany for England v Trindad & Tobago. After that, here for three weeks then it is off to Vegas. At this point I am not too sure how long for but we will see.
I can't really go in to too many details at this point but work have asked me to move back to the UK. There is no pressure to do so but, a fairly nice dangling carrot should I choose to.
Anyway, for now, Keep Safe