Monday, March 14, 2005

It has been a great week here with so many Carnival festiities going on. It has actually been for the last few weeks although last week was mainly for the children.
On Tuesday night we went to a Salsa / Latin night which was great fun. The band that played at a local club are very big in Greece. We also went with Ria, our Greek teacher. The Carnival week ended with the parade through town which was unreal, unlike any carnival I have ever seen, there were so many float and they were well put together.
I forgot my camera unfortunately so I will not be able to put any shots up (although I did take a few with my camera phone, I will look to see how they come out.
I got an email about the job I applied for on Friday saying I had made the last 20 and that I would recieve a phone call. I was pleased because they said they marked my exam and gave me a mark for evry question from A to E, apparently my worst was B+ so I was a happy bunny!
Anyway, Hope you are all well.
Keep Safe
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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Because of a few stupid comments left on the site, I have had to make comments accessible for members of this blog only.
Let me know if you wish to leave a comment and I will add your name to the list.
Thanks and sorry again.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Life gets even wierd-er!

It seems about everybody in the world has been worried about Justine as just about her whole family have rang in the last few days to try and cheer her up.
I am pleased to say it seems to have worked and now she only looks a little bit like The Elephant Man / Woman!
She passes on her thanks to all!
My interview was a little surreal to say the least. It took the form of a written examination. I was sent it through at 11pm on the dot and had to have it returned by 2am sharp.
As you would expect, the first thing I did was check through the questions (15 of them) to see what they were like and draw a few early conclusions. At this point, panic set in! Not only did I know just 5 answers, 8 of the remaining 10 may as well have been in Greek. Err....Danish I mean!
Anyway, I spent about 1 hour 15 minutes on the first questions, trying to research it on the internet and after one line of writing, decided it was time to move on. With 30 minutes left, I had completed a grand total of 4 answers! I quickly got the remainder that I knew finished and promptly supplied a standard open ended answer for the last questions (most of them!)
I sent the answers back with literally 30 seconds remaining. So, off to bed, I lie there for hours trying to think how it could have gone so horribly wrong, I must have misread the job description or something, it certainly was not what I had expected. We live and learn.
The following morning, I wake up, check my email and see a mail from the company in question. I knew I had made it down to the final 40 to get this far so was pretty pleased as so many had applied.
Full of fear I open the mail to read......"We have sent you the wrong test paper!!" What a relief. With hindsight, my standard answers (something about escalating the problem to our technical department) probably was ok!
So, the new paper was sent out and completed. I should hear in the next few days how I got on.
News Flash ==== Sawing wood up is the most tedious, boring activity I have ever partaken in. I just get through a piece and it has already burnt so I need another.
I am hoping to buy a new computer (desktop) soon so, if anybody out there wants an almost brand new, top of the range laptop, let me know, it will be a good price!
Laptops are great but as I will be doing a lot of design work etc now I want a large flat panel screen one, nowadays I can not afford both!!
On Sunday, I will be playing in a "free roll" poker tournament, first prize is $1000, 2nd $600 and 3rd prize is $400. There are nine players taking part in it. I am actually very fortunate to be playing in it, one of my very good friends, Tony Kendall (not the Tony I used to work with), gave me the seat as he could not use it as he is playing in a live poker event at the same time. That guy really is so generous and a top bloke to boot. Thanks Tony.
Anyway, as usual, keep safe

Friday, March 04, 2005

Strange Days.....

What a very strange few days.
As some of you may know, I have been in the process of setting up a web design company and going through the steps required, one of which was getting the domain name and sorting out a holding page..... in fact, let me go back a step.....
Justine dyed her hair black a few days ago and, as pleasant as it sounds, seemed to have a bit of a reaction to it. At first she had a few "spots" around her hairline, next her scalp started weeping a little. Like I said, pleasant.....
Back to the original story. So, I start putting a possible logo onto the internet for my company and she wanders into the room saying there is a slight problem.
I turn around and she has a lump AT LEAST as big as a golf ball on her forehead.
Panic time! I am on the phone to one of my friends and find out where the nearest open doctors are at this time of night. My friends is in the middle of dinner so she can't come round at that exact minute. We decide the hospital is the best option. Anyway, to cut a very long story short(er), Justines whole face has now ballooned up out of all proportion. The lump is even bigger.
The hospital reassure us by saying they have never seen anything like it. Great. Anyway, that was a few days ago, she has been in hospital until her return home today. It appears the whole thing was down to this hair dye.
She seems to be ok now although still a little swollen around the right hand side of her face.
My course is going ok although I have not really done too much with it for a few days for obvious reasons.
Feel free to visit my website, as I said, it is just a holding page at the minute but will be up and running over the next few days / weeks. it is.....
As it is not easy to decipher when written like that, it is 1969 !!! (That wasn't available, as numbers, as a domain name)
I have a job interview tonight so we shall see how it goes.
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