Monday, March 14, 2005

It has been a great week here with so many Carnival festiities going on. It has actually been for the last few weeks although last week was mainly for the children.
On Tuesday night we went to a Salsa / Latin night which was great fun. The band that played at a local club are very big in Greece. We also went with Ria, our Greek teacher. The Carnival week ended with the parade through town which was unreal, unlike any carnival I have ever seen, there were so many float and they were well put together.
I forgot my camera unfortunately so I will not be able to put any shots up (although I did take a few with my camera phone, I will look to see how they come out.
I got an email about the job I applied for on Friday saying I had made the last 20 and that I would recieve a phone call. I was pleased because they said they marked my exam and gave me a mark for evry question from A to E, apparently my worst was B+ so I was a happy bunny!
Anyway, Hope you are all well.
Keep Safe
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