Sunday, April 13, 2008

Who is this cute fella ?!

Not the greatest condition picture of all time but I will try and do something with it in due course (I have just purchased Photoshop Extended for my Mac). I used to be so cute. Where did it go so horribly wrong?!

A photo from circa 1972

Above is an old picture that I found from when I was a wee fella! There were actually quite a few other photos that I found so I will post some more over the coming days/weeks...even some of me when I had my long hair. They are quite amusing looking back.

Life has been rather average the last few weeks or so and I am just getting over the flu. One piece of good news is that I have had approval to import my motorbike in Greece. I am not entirely sure when it will get here because the dockers are still on strike in Greece but, at least it has been approved.