Monday, March 03, 2008

Photos from Bike Ride

Above are a couple of shots taken on a recent bike ride (with Richard from work) out to Brighton-Le-Sands. The area is known for one thing. Its Greek community. With that in mind, we decided to take a ride out there and have a bite to eat. I had Feta Saganaki and Lamb with lemons. Those that know me will not be in the slightest surprised by my selection...
For various reasons, it has been a stressful few days so I thought a blast on the bike would hit the spot. It is always nice to go for a relaxing ride, even though both Richard and I have such contrasting bikes. He has the fastest sports bike ever made, a Hayabusa, and I have a VTX 1300 Cruiser. Very comfortable but certainly not a bike for getting your knee down going around corners! That said, we took our time and it was a pleasant evening in good weather.
Until next time...
Keep safe.

Recent Motorbike ride to Brighton-Le-Sands

The above video was filmed from the back of my bike by Justine. The person in the video is Richard who I work with. Advance notice for Grandmothers/Mothers etc, there is a rude gesture so avoid watching it ;)