Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Grand Canyon

A view "mid-Canyon" of the Colorado River...

This is, errr, a Helicopter...

...and quite clearly the one that we went to the Grand Canyon in. It was fairly pricey ($1000) but certainly worth the cost. We were also given a DVD of the trip (the actual one that we went on) which also included all of the conversations that we had via the headphones in flight. There were also some in cabin views. Depending upon the size of the file, I may try and upload some of the footage to my website. Failing that, I also took my camcorder and I feel quite sure they will be much smaller file sizes.

LV Summary

I really should have had a look at what I have updated already on here because I to be honest, I have no idea!
We are back in Greece now and very glad to be back. It was a lot of fun but I did miss 'home'.
I will post a few pictures over the course of the next few days and try and give a few more details of trip.
The journey home was much better than expected, especially taking in to account my fear of flying. That was not helped when we boarded the plane at Gatwick to come back to Greece. It became apparent very quickly that the flight was full of "18-30's" (for the sake of my non UK friends, 18-30's are a type of holiday for people, surprise surprise, between the ages of 18-30, although usually about 18-21. They go on holiday (stereotype warning) to get drunk and have lots of sex). As the flight was at 11:55pm, you can imagine the state of most of the holiday go-ers. To be fair, they behaved pretty well.
One of my friends was here from the UK when I arrived (Carl E) so it was hard trying to be bright and breezy when inside I felt thoroughly jetlagged and full of cold. It was great to see them both (he was with his wife-to-be) though so, that made me feel a little better.
Anyway, this photo is obviously of the Grand Canyon. I'm not sure if it is very clear on the image (click on it to make it bigger) but you can also see the Colorado River running through the Canyon.
Until next time, Keep Safe.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Leaving Las Vegas

Well, the long stint has finally ended. We are just about to leave the hotel for airport and to be honest, I will be very glad to get home.
I will add photos etc when I get back home.
Briefly, it was a very nice last (full) day yesterday as we took a helicopter ride to the Grand Canynon and Hoover Dam. Rather amusingly, just as we boarded I declared that I didnt want to do it and wantde out! The things are so small and as I hate flying anyway, it didn't seem a good idea. Not sure if it was the fact that I would not get my $1000 back or I just wantde to see one of the remaining Seven Wonders of the World, either way, we went!
We finished the day by going to see Reel Big Fish at the House of Blues.
Anyway, full update when I get home.
Keep Safe