Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Lightning Strikes......

This is a joke right? It surely has not been nearly a month since I last updated my blog. Wow, time really does fly. Sorry!
OK, so what have I been up to. Alot.
Firstly, we went Athens for a week, mainly to go to the hospital for Justine and find out about her allergies (Hair Dye!). It wasn't very pleasant for her, the put about 60 small 'plasters' on her back, each with a different ingredient on. We had to wait for two days, then go back. The plan was, if we did not find any answers, we would then have to go back again and have another 60-ish plasters on. Within about an hour of the first lot going on we knew we had found the asnwers but still, they wanted to wait for the two days. It really was not nice for 'J' as she was blistering quite badly. Anyway, after all of the pain and discomfort, they said to her 'Yes, you have an allergy to something in the hair dye'. OK. Thanks for that. In the end they did actually give us a list of 6 things she is allergic to, one of which can be found in anesthetic at the dentist.
After that, we came home and it was a quick turn around for me as I had to go to England for a week to start my training course. (I think I said earlier but, I ogt the job that I applied for). It was good but very tiring. The trip also gave me possibly the scariest moment in my life.
We were about 10 minutes outside Heathrow, after a smooth flight, when all of a sudden ew heard the LOUDEST bang you could imagine, everything lit up incredibly bright. At this point I really thought we were under a terrorist attack or something. Then, as calm as you could imagine, the Captain of the plane came on to the tanny..... 'Hello Ladies and Gentleman, just to let you know about the very loud bang ew all just heard, we have just been hit by lightning. There is absolutley nothing to worry about, we will land safely without any problems at all. We have lost our radar but Heathrow control room will guide us in without problems. There is no damage to the plane.' And that was it! When we landed, there were what appeared to be 'bullet holes' all of the nose of the plane. Apparently there is a 'conductor' at the tail of the plane and the lightning went out of that. One of the most worrying things about it was, it seems, my last 4 or 5 flights have been getting worse and worse. Then I get hit by lightning. I was dreading my flight home.
Anyway, the course went well. The only downside was the dreadful Hotel I stayed at but.....
I got back on the Monday and started work the following day. I worked until this Sunday when it was Easter here. The celebration were brilliant. The food was even better but I am not sure I could eat another piece of Lamb if my life depended on it.
I am also off today and we have been at the beach for most of it. It has been incredibly hot the last few days, 30 in the shade. The tourists also started arriving on Sunday so, my peace and quiet has now gone for the rest of the year!
Finally, a quick word about a superb 'program' I discovered whilst I was in the UK. It is called 'Skype'. It is the same as MSN Messenger except for phone! If both parties are running it, it is free to talk for an unlimited time. If the other party does not have it, you can call there land line. It doesnt matter where yo uare in the world, just where you are calling to. An example is the UK. It costs only $0.03 per minute. Very cheap!! The web address is www.skype.com and is certainly recommended. Until next time...
Keep Safe

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