Monday, May 16, 2005

Summer is Here!

Hello. As the title suggests, it has been so hot here for the last few days. Not that I am complaining but I am not getting to see to much of it because of work! Talking of which, it seems to be going quite well. In the main I am enjoying it although I am not entirely happy with the hours, more precisely the days off. You work a 5 day week for three weeks and then a 6 day week. It doesn't sound that harsh but, the days off change and as a consequence it can mean a tough few weeks. Four weeks ago I didn't have a day off (well, I did but they count the day it takes to get to London and the day It takes to get back as days off!!!), last week I only had one day off, next week I only have one day of and then three weeks after that I only get one day off. So I am sulking! I do actually get a week with three days off but that falls right before my holiday (for Mum & Adrien coming over) so the timing is not great. Anyway, I promised myself three months to see how it goes and we will see how I feel then.
I ordered a new computer which arrived last week. The laptop is brilliant but when you are sometimes in front of the screen for 12 hours in a day (with work and playing poker after) it can be brain numbing as the screen is so close. You try and move it further away but then you can't reach the keyboard. D'oh. Anyway, it is really cool.
I bet you are really glad you came to read this now, I have done nothing but moan, ha ha.
We went out for quite a nice meal yesterday (it was very average actually but I don't want to moan again!). The wine was superb (really!). It is fast becoming my favourite drink. The wine is called Niko Lazaridis. It really is a remarkable red. Of late that is getting preference over Moet & Chandon or Veuve Cliquot so that gives you and idea how much I like this wine. Try and find some if you can. It is not too expensive either, maybe £10-£15 a bottle in the UK if you can find it.
Whilst we were having the meal yesterday we had another earthquake/tremor. It was pretty funny how we (and the Greeks) just went about their business but the tourists were amazed..... And talking of which...... The tourists have started to arrive now and the island is starting to get pretty busy. Its frustrating because all of the prices go up so much. In the winter the shop owners know we live here because there is no tourism, now, if it is a shop we have not been in before, we get charged more. It was funny, I went to our usual phone shop to purchase a Bluetooth headset for 'Skype' (see the past post) and the price was 70 euros. I talked to the shop owner about it and he said, "oh, that is not the price for you, you only pay 40 euros!!"
The Greek language is soming on now as well. I went to the supermarket (where we normally go) and was in the queue talking to an English woman in front of me. The guy at the till heard us speaking English. So, he talks to her in English. Then I arrive and as he knows I live here, he insists on speaking Greek (very fast at that). They make us work for it here.....
Poker has been going ok. The start of the month was great and I was up quite a lot, the last week or so has been dreadful though. Not getting any good cards and what I do get I play badly. Still doing well over the month but now it will just be average instead of excellent. Won a couple of $100 entry SNG tournaments and even did ok in a cash game the other day!
I am wanting to start thinking about a holiday soon. Maybe a long weekend in the middle of July to go and watch the Grand Prix at Donington (motorbikes!). I fancy somewhere new. I still want to see the Northern Lights but I am not convinced they are that easy to see at this time of year? Maybe Canada around December / January, perhaps take in some Skiing as well (don't worry, no snowboarding this time, I am not sure this job will be as understanding if I need over three months of work again! Also, I think learning to walk twice in a lifetime is enough for anyone!)
Oh well, my apologies for the 'miserable git' type post this time around, that's what work does for you ;-)
Keep Safe.

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