Friday, September 14, 2012

Too much going on...

A lot of the time I do not bother updating my blog because I simply do not have too much to say, or there is not much going on. This time it is because so much has been going on that I simply didn't know where to start, so kept putting it off so, I'll break the ice with a few words...

Since getting back from Jakarta I have done a fair bit of travelling with work in Melbourne, Brisbane, and then Melbourne again. I took an 8 day holiday to Phuket and on the same day I got back I flew to Melbourne to work here again (yes, I am in Melbourne now). I fly home tomorrow for two days and then fly back to Melbourne on Sunday for another week. I suspect I will be down here quite a bit as I have just taken on another couple of staff down here, with one more to follow in the Sydney office in two weeks (so I will be there for training). Then back here again...

It goes without saying I am pretty exhausted, hence why I booked a holiday at short notice. I'll get some photos up soon.

Anyway, that has started the ball rolling so I will try and do more updates at the weekend or early next week.

Keep Safe.

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