Thursday, August 02, 2012

Still in Jakarta

Due to a few delays I am still stuck in Jakarta until the end of the week. The benefit of that is that I didn't have to go to Melbourne this week. The downside is that I have to go next week!

I am really not convinced about this place to be honest. It seems to be a constant wall of noise which makes rest and downtime difficult. During the day it is a constant barrage of traffic and in the evening there is lots of prayers over the tannoy system of the local mosques (and there are LOADS in the close vicinity). As it is Ramadan, of course it is to be expected so there is no option but to be respectful of it.

I am looking forward to flying home tomorrow but unfortunately it is in economy. I tried to upgrade with my Frequent Flyer Points (it only costs 24,000 points) but the ticket is non changeable unfortunately. I can now use the points for something else, but I doubt it will be a return trip to Jakarta! Hmmm, I wonder if Qantas fly to Chengdu; maybe I could finally get my trip to Tibet (even though I still do not know anybody that would be interested in going, at least nobody that talks to me!).

Anyway, I guess it is time to go and get some dinner.

Keep Safe

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