Tuesday, November 08, 2011

On the long road to fitness..

Last weekend I completed the Run4Fun 10km run at Homebush. I have been trying very hard to get back in to shape as it has been far too many years since I was healthy. Long overdue...

My time was OK, as always it could have been better, but first and foremost I was happy to complete the run, especially as in the weeks leading up to it I had a problem with my left knee. That meant that although I was comfortably running 3.5km each night, I had not ran more than that for about 15 years! 10km seemed a long way off...

I felt a lot better at the end of it than I thought I would, but have been very stiff for the last few days. Hopefully I will now keep trying to get healthier, and lose some more weight over the coming weeks and months.

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