Friday, June 17, 2011

Melbourne is so Cold...

I have no idea why (actually, I suspect it's because it is further south!) but Melbourne is so cold in comparison to Sydney. Don't get me wrong, I love Melbourne and I always enjoy it here, but I'm freezing right now.

I went to Maze by Gordon Ramsay for dinner and tried out a few dishes. Not too bad... I then had to go and play poker at Crown Casino to pay for dinner; luckily it was a profitable evening! Actually, before this week I had not played "live" poker for over a year so I've made up for it this week by going on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! Tomorrow I'll fly back to Sydney.

Yesterday I went to one of my favourite restaurants, although I'd never been to the one in Melbourne - 全聚德 or, Quan Jude. I've been to the one in Beijing many times and they cook the greatest roast duck. The Melbourne one was not as good as the Beijing one, but still very good.

Anyway, I'm really tired now (late night!) so it's time for bed.

Take care.