Monday, June 27, 2011

A tiring, but enjoyable, weekend.

I have been working hard on my Buddhist studies and have just been to the Nan Tien Temple for the weekend to take the Eight Precepts. It was pretty tiring, as many of their courses are, but I feel that I learned a great deal and am better for it.
It was not as intense as when I lived there for the week during the Monastic Retreat last year, but still quite hard work. Here is a picture of me from the Monastic Retreat (with a shaven head - it has grown back already though!) See if you can spot me but you will need to click the image to make it larger. I even have my own Dharma name now, 本覺. It is pronounced Ben Jue in English (Bun Ju-eh)
There are quite a few more courses coming up and I may go on another one or two soon.
One big date for me is 17th July when I will be "taking refuge" in the Triple Gem. In short that will mean that I will officially become Buddhist.
Anyway, that's it for now.