Sunday, May 06, 2007

New House

We have finally moved in to a new house. It is in an area called Woolloomooloo. I have dreamt of the day that I can say I live somewhere with eight 'o's. The Dream is over....
OK, so maybe not but, it is a lovely area and we live on the waterfront. The building is an old wharf and if you click on those words, it will take you to a link with all of the details. Apparently, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban live here as well, not just Russell Crowe. That will probably explain the security needed to get in to the building!
The two photos above are taken from our balcony looking towards Sydney.
Work is going very well although I am incredibly busy. Only to be expected I guess.
Great news for me is that my parents are coming out to Australia to see me for a month, they arrive this coming Friday. It has been nearly a year since I last saw them so it will be awesome.
Anyway, for now, Keep Safe