Saturday, July 22, 2006

Las Vegas Road Trip Part 3

Things are going well, having a lot of fun although have now started "working" rather than playing poker. I reached another couple of final tables so my percentage for payouts is quite high.
One of my friends also came out whilst we were here (also called Simon and pictured on the left with Justine outside the Bellagio, with fountains in full swing!). He actually left yesterday after a 10 day visit.
Last night we went to The House Of Blues to watch David Lee Roth (ex Van Halen singer in case you didn't know!). The show was a lot of fun and I must say I thought he performance was considerably better than last time I saw him circa three years ago. Even though it was him as a solo artist, the set list was made up of more or less only Van Halen songs (three DLR songs as I recall and two of those were "Californian Girls" and "Just a Gigolo"). Van Halen songs included Somebody Get Me a Doctor, Unchained, Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love, Jamies Cryin, You Really Got Me, Dance The Night Away (awesome rendition), Hot For Teacher, Panama, Jump (including 1984) and Ice Cream Man. I feel sure that I have missed a load out but still, a great set.
The one downside to the evening was when we ordered food, J asked the waitress what she would suggest as she was Vegetarian. The Salmon seemed a good choice, she just didn't count on the sausage that was in the risotto! Needless to say, I spoke to the Manager, and then his Manager. I mean come, on, if it was Joe's Cafe on the backstreet, extreme caution needed but this is the world reknowned House Of Blues!
After the show had finished we caught the end of another band in a small bar. They were very funky (not in a musical sense) and played what I can only describe as "skiffle" music. They played some cover versions of classics such as The Vapours "Turning Japanese", Twisted Sister "We're Not Gonna Take It" and Slades "Cum On Feel The Noise". Very funny. I bought the CD but no doubt it wont be as funny without copious amounts of Jack Daniels inside you! Tonight I think we are heading to the Voodoo Lounge with some people from work but we will see later. I will try and post some more photos in due course.
Keep Safe

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