Monday, July 17, 2006

Las Vegas Road Report Part Two

The poker continues to go well, I just finished a small tournament at the hotel, $60 buy in and I came second for $439. Unfortunately the hands continue to elude me, I am just being a little "creative" with my play (should read "raising with crap").
Last night we went to "The Venetian" to watch Phantom of the Opera. Its been quite weird, we have spoken to many people who have seen the show before but not one person has said "I have seen Phantom of the Opera before", they all seem to say "I have seen Phantom of the Opera four times" or similar. I did thoroughly enjoy. The main reason for going was because it is Justines birthday soon as she really wanted to see it. We had an opportunity to get great seats so took up the chance.
Still a few days of the holiday remaining although not entirely sure what we will do. I still want to get a Harley for a day and go and cruise around Vegas. I also feel I should go and see the Grand Canyon although, it will of course involve flying (or a long journey) so the jury is still out on that one.
Anyway, just a short one as it is very late, until then,
Keep Safe

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