Sunday, July 30, 2006

Elton John / Sammy Hagar

Super quick update as it is 4:30am here. Today was Justines Birthday so we decided to go an see Elton John. He was ok although I must be honest and say that I expected a little more. I wanted to go and see Sammy Hagar who was also playing at Ceasars but as it was J's birthday, no problem. Then I found out that Elton John finished at 9pm, about the same time Sammy Hagar started. After the show, we quickly ran to the other venue only to be told we should have purchased tickets where we had just come form. The complete oppposite to what I had been told. Anyway, three minutes of monas later, we were given two free tickets worth over $120. I have to say, I rule at moaning. Anyway, the show was in two parts, firstly Sammy Hagar material which was quite good, then a brief interval and the second half saw the inclusion of Michael Anthony (also Van Halen!). The second half was brilliant as they ran through loads of VH songs including Runnin' with the Devil, Good Enough, Why Can't This Be Love, Best of Both Worlds, Summer Nights etc.
We then went to play pokre for an hour and I won about $215 which was useful.
Just to round of J's Birthday, she also wore the new dress that I got for her Birthday. I will try and post some shots over the next day or so if I have time.
Finally, we went to the Voodoo Lounge (famed Vegas club) last night and had a great time despite the huge 65mph winds! That may seem an odd comment but, to clarify if you do not know, it is outside on top of the 51st floor at the Rio hotel! Some famous singer who I have never heard of played call Rianna (I have no idea of the spelling). Also there was Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy, some guy from Westlife and a whole loads of others stars. The person I spent most of the time with was some guy called "Jack Daniels" (and his sidekick "coke").

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