Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Birthday

Thank you for the Birthday cards / Gifts, much appreciated. For the evening of my Birthday we went to a Taverna that is quite close to us called Popalarous. We only really discovered it about a month ago but have been quite a few times since then. On a Friday and Saturday they have live music. As I am not so keen on the "smoking" aspect of Greek life, we tend to go fairly early so not so many people will be there however, for various reasons (mainly poker!) we ended up going much later. The band were superb. We would normally only see them for about 20 minutes before we leave but this time caught over an hour. Its funny, looking at them you would not imagine they could play a thing but they appear to be incredibly talented. I suspect we will probably start going a little later now. The picture attached was taken just before we went.
For the poker players who read this, I have found a new love of "Stud" rather than Hold'em. It's weird, I have even been playing ring games which typically I am not a huge fan of.
Finally, Thanks for all the calls etc to make sure that we were ok after the much publicized earthquake it Greece. It strange, it was huge in certain areas of Greece, 6.9, yet there was not a single death. One of the two big ones that killed hundreds of thousands in Pakistan was only 7.1. It does make you think.
Anyway, for now, Keep Safe.

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