Thursday, December 22, 2005

Back in Zakynthos

So, we got back, cleared up a few finer details regarding the move, it is literally next door but we had not confirmed the price and there was a few things that needed doing, i.e, a repaint, a new kitchen, lighting to be fitted (and purchased). Not quite sure but I ended up paying for that. Not really my responsibility but if and when we move, at least I get to keep the fittings etc. It is a lovely house and so very much bigger than the last one. It has a balcony around most of the house with views of Kefalonia in one direction, Marathonisi in another direction and the hills in two other directions. It also has central heating which was sadly missing from the last house.
As I mentioned, I have recently started a book by Iain Banks. I must confess, I had seen his books for many years as they had quite funky black and white covers but I had never purchased one. Until I saw "Dead Air". It has gripped me in a way that resembles a few of the Dan Brown books. In typical "Simon" fashion, I went out and bought his full collection from! I hope they keep my interest, ha ha. Well either way, I have them forever now and there is no rush to read them, despite the rush to purchase them!
I really do not want to tempt fate and tell you about earthquakes but suffice to say, I am happy! That is until on the news recently there was a warning that we are about to have an absolutely massive one which will surpass anything we have ever seen. New underpants please.
The saving grace is there is a website that I read frequently which has every earthquake around the world (here) and that states that it is impossible to predict when they are going to happen. I do hope that they are correct. I have passed this web address on to a few people and it seems to have captured their imagination so, as and when you look, we are classed as "Ionian Sea" although you will see loads for Greece.
Its actually quite weird, before I came here, I purchased a few books about moving to Greece and they want to ensure they make you fully aware of the potential problems that lay ahead, basically so you do not make a huge mistake. The "laid back / lazy (delete as applicable) attitude was one, the searing heat another, I mean loads of things. Yet I have not read a single article that warns me that we will get earthquakes every few days. That would have put me off for sure! With my hand on my heart, I currently see that as the only reason that I would move back to the UK.
Not sure if I will be posting again before Xmas, if not, I hope yo uall have a wonderful time and that Santa brings you what you want.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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