Saturday, October 08, 2005

I bought myself a Xmas present

So, I have just made the biggest single purchase (houses aside!) I have ever done. Thank you to Party Poker and Full Tilt Poker! A nice shiny new BMW F650GS. After much debating with Adrien as to the best bike to go for, he swayed me from the Ducati MultiStrada to the bike pictured above. And I am glad. I got a superb deal, as well as discount, they "threw in" heated hand grips, ABS, etc. I also purchased a lovely set of BMW panniers, a Givi top box (was about the same price as the BMW one but was 46 litres as opposed to 31 litres. No contest!). They also gave me handle bar grip covers as well as a few other bits. No my only problem is convincing Mum that I will (probably) not kill myself on it. My first trip is already being planeed, a ride over to France via Italy (and possibly Switzerland). Still planning an ideal route though. I am thinking an overnight stop in Lyon or Torino would work well....
Most of the tourists have about gone home now, I am pretty glad to be honest.
Our Greek lessons have restarted and I am enjoying getting back in to the swing of that. Despite that, my frustrations with some parts of Greek life continue. (although no regrets at all!) I had to take the best part of two days off work this week because the internet failed. The plan was to fix it immediately but by the time the engineer managed to get out of bed and get here (from Athens) two days had past. I love the Greeks, I really do however, sometimes, you just want to throttle some of them. Their laid back attitude can be a positive and a negative.
Justine thinks so even more as she split up with her "boyfriend". They only went out a few times but he spits and smokes too much apparently.
Justine has also managed to get a job sorted for next year already which is pretty good. Considerably bettter wages than last year so that is great news.
I have now watched all of the "Lost" DVD's and what a great series. It started out a little weird but I have real gotten in to it.
Anyway, as the tourist season is coming to an end, that means McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC are about to close for the winter so, a Pepperoni Pizza is calling my name.
Keep safe.

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