Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The End of Summer

The end of summer is not far off now. It has been amazing how quickly the tourism has died off. Obviously understandable as the weather has declined, almost over night. We have had some of the most amazing thunderstorms, losing electricity almost every four or five days. You actually ring the electricity company and complain, all they reply with is "its because of the weather". You get even more cross with them so they say "OK, well there will not be anymore now then." A few days later.....
The worst thing is that the weather is considerably worse in December / January and February....that does not even bear thinking about. Last year was fine so I have no idea why it should be so bad this time around although I suspect it is probably because of Electricity Overload or something as it only happens in the day (and when the tourists are here.
I recently bought the DVD box set of "Lost" so have been watching a lot of them lately, not all that exciting but I enjoy it.
Work is ok, it's been busy.
Sia and Otto (landlady/landlord) have gone to Switzerland for the winter now (although will be back for a week or two in November).
Other than that, nothing too exciting happening! Hopefully I will be planning a holiday in the not too decent future.....

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