Monday, July 04, 2005

Live 8 and vaguely big news!

Easy title today as it is highly topical in light of yesterdays events. I actually did not watch too much of it as it was on BBC. BBC and ITV are really the only channels that we do not pick up here. Shame. So, I was pretty excited as one of my favourite bands of the moment were playing. The Killers. I got to the bar about an hour and a half before they came on and was giving a great deal of thought as to what 2 or 3 songs they would play. Some bands even played 4 songs so, I was hopeful. Finally Snow Patrol finish and I am getting excited about their impending arrival. I take a quick wee wee (far too excited to watch them apparently) and they Come on stage. They are looking pretty cool. They just start the opening of "All These Thing's That I've Done.....perfectly timed with a large group of girls entering the bar. No it is pretty busy in there anyway so seats are at a premium. So, the helpful workers find a hidden table and put it RIGHT IN FRONT of the large screen and a chair with 12 inches of my face. Cue very Pis**d off Simon. Anyway, Justine managed to make a fairly load derogatory comment (involving profanity!) and they moved. OK, so, i wonder what song they will play next. Song finishes. I know, what a great time to take a look back at what happened earlier in the day at Live 8. You are kidding me right? Ayya....... So I wait an hour and a half to partially see The Killers on TV. Oh well. The only other band I was bothered about seeing were Velvet Revolver. We decide that we are going out after they have played. So, they just walk on to the stage and guess what. They lose the satellite signal. Marvelous. Exit.
I mentioned in my last blog I played a few poker tournaments lately. To cut a very long story short, I won the tournament that I mentioned. The outcome is, on July 20th, I will be going to England to appear on a TV programme called Late Night Poker. I think it is showing on Channel 4 sometime in August but I will post on here if I remember. (What I actually mean is, I will post on here if I don't make a complete fool of myself!) First prize equates to about £50,000 (£25,000 cash and £25,000 of tournament entry fees) although I have decided to donate half of any money I make to a charity. ( They are "auctioning off parts of me" and will hopefully make some decent money out of it. It is actually worth visiting the site as they do some great work. Pop over and donate!!
But save £10 to buy 'The Killers' album as well.
Keep Safe

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