Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Runaway Ostrich

(strch, ôs-)n. pl. ostrich or os·trich·es
A large, swift-running flightless bird (Struthio camelus) of Africa, characterized by a long bare neck, small head, and two-toed feet. It is the largest living bird.
A rhea.

OK. Largely irrelevant but seriously, I really struggle to think of titles for these blogs. How tedious would it be if they were all called "Another Baking Hot Day".
Anyway, after my weeks holiday last week, I worked Sunday and then had my two days off for the week. It has been hard to actually go outside and do anything as the heat gettinging ridiculous. At 2:30am today, it was still 30 degrees. This obviously makes sleeping difficult.
The new airport is still not open. We were told that it woudefinitelyely be last year! Then this year before the tourists arrived. Then the end of May....First week of June etc.
They did a test run a few days ago, took the bus down the ramps to the runway to see how long it takes. The answer was several days. They did not bother to make sure they had got their angles correct at the bottom of the ramp. The bus went down and crashed into the floor at the bottom of the ramp. I love this place, I love Greek people but they are insanely relaxed about stuff. Someone probably said "oh well, we will fix it tomorrow". Someone also said "Tomorrow Never Comes".
I went fishing a few days ago, I caught a piece of rope and a rock. Enjoyable day but the rope and rock do not sit comfortably next to potatoes avegetables.
Been playing a fair bit of poker lately and it is going well.
Tomorrow night I play in a tournament, I have already won one to get this far. If I get a top finish tomorrowrow I will be on TV in August (although filming is in July) on Late Night Poker. Should be fun!
Anyway, for now, keep safe.

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